Saturday, August 7, 2010

Whisky review: Gordon & MacPhail Imperial 15 Port Finish

This is whisky bottled by the independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail. These guys have been bottling single malt since your grandpappy was just a twinkle in some older dude's eye. They're generally credited with keeping the flame of single malts alive while nearly everyone else was going with blends. And I have to say they haven't lost their touch.

I went to a tasting in Providence back in January with a descendant of the first employee of G&M, Michael Urquhart. At the tasting, Michael showed us this whisky, and my wife and I immediately knew we wanted to buy it. At $90/bottle, that's not something we would usually jump into. But this whisky was just that good.

Nose: Juicy fruit mixed with slightly-burnt charcoal. A little floral, but also somewhat brooding. Very neat. And some chalk?

Palate: Some peat with the raisiny-sweet undertones afforded by the port. Thick and oily. Some salt in there too. Why not?

Finish: Clean and sweet, lingers forever in the back of my mouth and down my throat. No off-notes. Wow.

Rating (of 100): 96. I could see this being in my top 5 whiskies easily.

Hey, even Jim Murray doesn't have this in his Whisky Bible! Guess I have the market cornered on reviews for this whisky...

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