Friday, February 25, 2011

Radio silence ending soon

Wonder why we haven't written in a while? It's because we've been up to our eyeballs in work for the first ever Ivy+ Fine Spirits Showcase tomorrow! The event sold out last week at 800 attendees and everything else is coming together. We've got glasses. We've got water. We've got tables and linens and name tags. Oh my.

If you wanted to register and didn't get a ticket, hopefully we'll do the event again next year and you can attend then!

The whisky reviews and news will pick up again after this weekend. I promise!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Whisky review: Milford 10

Besides The Lord of the Rings movies and crazy rugby players, New Zealand makes some other noteworthy items, and one of those is a single malt whisky. Or, rather, it made a single malt whisky; Milford is the brand name of whisky made by the Willowbank distillery in Dunedin and sold by the New Zealand Whisky Company. The distillery started distilling in 1969 and closed in 1994 (though it seems the distillery may soon be resurrected), and Milford is the whisky left over from that distillery.

I saw this one on the shelf and just had to try it.

Milford 10, 43% ABV
Distilled 1991, bottled 2003, batch 1M32, 3193 bottles
Single malt New Zealand whisky

Nose: Milk chocolate. A little peat, some honey and toffee.

Palate: Crisp red apple. Some nice peat but not a lot. Good weight and a friendly warming, gripping effect. Rounded edges.

Finish: Smooth with sweet peat lingering.

Rating (of 100): 90. I didn't really think much of this whisky when I first tried it about a year ago. My bottle is still about two thirds full, but maybe the little bit of air in the bottle did it some good...or maybe the time lapse between my first few drams and now did me some good. Either way, this bottle was only a bit over $30 and was definitely worth it.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Whisky review: Dalwhinnie 15

Dalwhinnie is another of the Diageo Classic Malts, coming from the Highlands of Scotland. It's billed as "The Gentle Spirit" though I'd argue that most single malt drinkers don't get into whisky because it's gentle...

Dalwhinnie 15 Year, 43%
Single malt Scotch whisky (Highlands)

Nose: Sea salt and a bit of peat. Floral.

Palate: A little peat and a pinch of salt. I keep looking but there really doesn't seem to be much else. Maybe a whimper of fruit. Warming.

Finish: More of the same.

Overall (of 100): 74. Where's the beef? This is gentle with a strong note of blah.