Sunday, April 22, 2012

Whisky review: Compass Box Great King Street

This is not my first post about Compass Box, and you can find other posts here and here. Whisky writers generally seem to have a massive crush on Compass Box founder John Glaser's creations, but I have honestly not yet fallen for his work.

I was hoping to reverse that trend with my latest purchase from Compass Box, the Great King Street blended Scotch whisky. It's supposed to be a new take on blends that will help elevate blends to the rock star status that's currently being enjoyed by single malts. While I definitely disagree with the premise that blends are inherently inferior to single malts, I was happy to hear so many good things being said about this whisky and eagerly bought it when I saw it on the shelf.

Let's see how it goes...

Compass Box Great King Street, 43% ABV
Blended Scotch whisky
Price range, 750 mL: $43-48

Nose: Floral and fruity, with wood spice.

Palate: Floral with citrus and vanilla. Kind of hangs like it's going to deliver something massive and then never does. Has a nice bit of light spice, though.

Finish: Crisp and rather light.

Rating (of 100): 83. Not a mind-blowing blend by any means. I would happily take a Glenlivet 12 over this whisky any day ("HERESY!" yell the snooty fanatics), and at Arizona prices, I would also save about $18 per bottle.

Sorry, John, you have yet to successfully woo my palate.