Monday, August 16, 2010

Whisky review: AnCnoc 12

AnCnoc is the strangely-written name (pronounced "ah-nock") for the single malt produced by the Knockdhu distillery in Speyside. They changed the name of the malt from just "Knockdhu" because they were tired of people confusing it with Knockando, another Speyside distillery.

I just wonder how they picked a name that nobody can pronounce without hearing it first, and one that looks strange in writing. Well, I guess they wanted to be original, so why not go all out.

Nose: Nicely floral. Young red apples, citrus. A very fragrant, light nose.

Palate: Flowers, apricots, more apples...with a backbone of something hard like granite.

Finish: A little maritime-y? Relatively dry, but lingers a while. An interesting finish that's quite different from the nose, in a good way.

Rating (of 100): 92. This whisky tastes young but still complex. I had high expectations from the nose and it did not disappoint. It leads you to believe it'll be soft and cuddly, but then the teddy bear has claws. Very cool.

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