Sunday, August 15, 2010

Whiskey review: Bushmills 16

This is my first review for an Irish whiskey, but I'm not going to go any easier on them just because they don't distill as much whiskey as Scotland does.

This whiskey has been aged in American bourbon barrels as well as oloroso sherry casks, and then finished in port pipes. It's a single malt as well.

Nose: Mandarin oranges, plums. Cherries. Raisins and dates. There is just a lot of excellent fruit in this nose. Reminds me of walking through a farmer's market in the summer. I could smell it forever.

Palate: More cherries, plums (perhaps a bit underripe?). Floral. Not quite as complex as the nose.

Finish: Plums all the way down; some port becomes evident after a few moments.

Rating (of 100): 89. The nose is awesome, but the whiskey becomes more and more straightforward as you progress through the tasting. Still, a dram I would happily drink on a regular basis.

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