Monday, March 7, 2011

Whisky review: Glenfiddich 12

Glenfiddich is the best-selling single malt in the world. It's made by the same company, William Grant & Sons, that makes The Balvenie and Grant's blended whisky. This was the first distillery we visited on our trip to Speyside in June, 2010, and I'm glad it wasn't the only one. Our tour guide was a summer intern, hired to give tours from a memorized script and with little other knowledge about the place. The tour itself was fairly uneventful, and since it was my first distillery tour ever, I was full of questions that I had to save for another distillery.

I went away feeling like I probably got my $0 worth out of the tour, but barely.

Glenfiddich 12, 40% ABV
Single malt Scotch whisky (Speyside)

Nose: Like the bottle says, pear. Brown sugar. And maybe some earthier notes, like moss on a tree stump.

Palate: Definitely more fruit, including the pear from the nose, plus some wood, but with a rougher note always lingering. A bit of an edge to it.

Finish: Goes down a bit harshly and the aftertaste doesn't sit especially well with me - it's bitter and unkind. I'll just tell my wife she looks fat if I'm looking for that type of attitude!

Rating (of 100): 83. The nose is nice but it loses its way after that.

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