Sunday, March 6, 2011

Um, ok...

A while ago, I'd heard about a whisky tasting event in Las Vegas that was charging something like $500/person and was supposed to be a ritzy affair (obviously). I just stumbled onto the website for this event, which is being held in a few weeks at the Wynn hotel. It's clumsily called the "Nth 2011 Show" and does indeed cost $525/person.

But what do you get for this small fortune? One of the perks is the chance to try a "Super Pour," a whisky pour that is supposed to retail over $300 (for the pour, not the bottle), and the list of pours can be found here. Some of these whiskies, however, definitely do not retail at over $300 per pour. The Gordon & MacPhail Strathisla 1963 costs a couple hundred a bottle. The Laphroaig 21 will run you $500 at the New Hampshire Liquor Store. The Yamazaki 1984 retails around $600/bottle, and most bars don't charge half the bottle price for a single pour.

So I guess I'm not too impressed with this marketing, though they do have some awesome bottles listed there that I would love to try. I'd like to see what else they're pouring, though, as I have a feeling it's not much more special than what's poured at most other events. But I guess some people just have money to burn.

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