Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recent Dalmore tasting - corked whisky

A week ago, I went to a tasting of the Dalmore at Federal Wine and Spirits in downtown Boston. It was a great tasting, save one fact - the Dalmore 15 was "corked." Luckily, they had a fresh, uncorked one on hand.

How do you know if a whisky is corked? (Did you even know whisky could be corked? I did, but I didn't believe it.) If you've never had the particular whisky before, it could be somewhat hard to tell, especially if you're new to whisky, as you might think that's just the flavor of the whisky.

But, basically, what I got from the whisky was a nose of something musty - like wet rocks in a basement. The palate was even worse, with a distinct flavor like seafood (very fishy fish). I had tasted the 15 before, so I knew that it should be a very velvety, sweet dram. Not like a wharf worker's closet.

This is a good lesson for me personally - from now on, when I lead a tasting, I'll always taste the bottles I'm going to pour beforehand. Maybe I'll taste them a couple of times...you know, just to be sure.

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