Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dewar's is a prominent blended Scotch whisky, most known for its White Label variety, which is the top-selling blended scotch in the United States. Its principal constituent single malt is Aberfeldy, a malt with which I personally have a rollercoaster history.

I tried Aberfeldy at a liquor store in Rhode Island a few years ago and thought it was great...and at $35/bottle, it was the right price. I bought a bottle and went through it quickly. I got another bottle at a store in Massachusetts and was supremely disappointed - it tastes rough and is very one-dimensional. Must have been a bad batch; it's still in my cabinet. Then I tried a bottle at a relative's place in Arizona and it was the same great character that initially attracted me to the brand.

My brother recently purchased a bottle of Dewar's 18 for me, so I was hoping it would remain true to the flavor of Aberfeldy that I liked. Here goes...

Dewar's 18
, 40% ABV
Blended Scotch whisky

Nose: Caramel, toffee, toasted nuts and wood. Hint of dark fruits.

Palate: Salt, more nuts and dark or dried fruit. Wood here too, but to a good degree. The grain whisky's smoothness is evident, but the malt keeps the potency high.

Finish: Very well done. Lingers with a soothing warmth and a mouth-filling effect.

Rating (of 100): 91. This is indeed the way Aberfeldy should taste, but with even more stuff thrown in. An excellent dram that would fare well on any occasion and in any season.

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