Saturday, October 2, 2010

Whiskey review: Maker's Mark

Instead of using prose to write this entry, I'm going with the bullet style. Why? Eh, mixin' it up.

Maker's Mark facts:
  • It's a "wheated" bourbon, meaning its mashbill is filled out with mostly wheat (instead of rye, like most bourbons) in addition to the corn and a tiny bit of malted barley
  • The company still has descendants of the founding family (the Samuels) working there
  • Bottle label typeface and red wax seal were designed by the founder's wife
  • The company recently came out with the Maker's Mark 46, which is regular Maker's Mark extra-aged for a number of months in barrels that have had seared French oak staves inserted
Now, tasting.

Maker's Mark, 45% ABV

Appearance: Golden amber.

Nose: Very fragrant flowers (not sure what kind - should've listened harder in botany class). Kind of like walking through a blooming greenhouse. Cherries, green apples, light oak.

Palate: Lets you know it's there! Vanilla, young fruit. Sweet and spicy.

Finish: More spices, a little hot. Hint of char.

Rating (of 100): 80. Though hot, sweet, and spicy sounds like the perfect recipe for a Saturday night, when it comes to whisk(e)y, I guess I just like them a tad bit mellower.

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